Happy Hound Happy Home Dog Training and Rehabilitation, LLC., is a dog training company dedicated to educating dog owners and their dogs through balanced training methods that help foster communication and relationship. My approach is to teach you leadership skills and provide you with the tools, knowledge and support necessary to clearly communicate with your dog.

We are a small company that can give your dog the individual attention he/she needs for success. Each program is tailored to your dog’s needs. We work all breeds and temperaments, and address a wide range of issues from basic obedience to anxiety, over excitement, jumping and minor aggression.

Our programs work because we focus on your dog’s state of mind rather than teaching a bunch of commands. We see many behavior issues go away with -out ever needing to address the issue itself. That’s because our approach is relationship based. We build your dog’s confidence and shift your relationship from following to leading your dog.

My name is Linda Cutrara, owner and trainer at Happy Hound Happy Home Dog Training and Rehabilitation, LLC. I’ve owned dogs for over 20 years and have had my own troubles with problem behaviors. I understand the struggles with getting your dog to listen and come when called.

After many years of apprenticing under many great trainers, I have learned that a balanced approach is the best solution to resolving behavioral issues. Many trainers only teach obedience which is only half the equation. They were treating the symptoms and not the root cause. We teach dogs what are appropriate behaviors and let your dog know what are not appropriate behaviors.

Our goal is to help clients that are as dedicated to their dog’s success as we are. So, If you are ready to change yours and your dog’s life, go to our Contact Page and let’s get started.

My home facility is licensed by Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA) and I am fully insured.